Floor Treads

We Have Extensive Experience with Anti-Slip Floor Treads and Matting

We have knowledgeable salespeople and engineers ready to help you design, test, and manufacture your product. Whether you’re switching manufacturers, designing an entirely new product, or need to expand production, let our expert team help simplify the process

American Cutting Solutions is built on uncompromising product quality, quick turnaround times, and transparent customer support. Some of the products we can produce include:

  • Custom cut non skid plates
  • Custom cut non slip tape
  • Floor Tread Strips/Anti-slip Pads


American Cutting Solutions offers cutting for a large number of materials including rubber, leather, natural products, fabric and textiles, nonwovens, paper, corrugates, plastics and film, insulation, open and closed cell foams, foils, air foils, and many other non-metal materials.


American Cutting Solutions specializes in die cutting, digital die cutting, log slitting, printing, graphics finishing, laminating, and a variety of other services. We are rapidly expanding and always willing to add new capabilities to be a better asset to your company.


American Cutting Solutions works with businesses in nearly all manufacturing industries including automotive, packaging, clean energy & batteries, healthcare, aerospace, oil drilling, apparel, electronics, industrial & construction, leather goods, heat shielding & HVAC, and many others.

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